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Get free Hearthstone card packs for watching the Masters Tour Las Vegas this weekend

Blizzard is bringing back Twitch Drops for this weekend's Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas event, and that means free cards for you. Watch three total (not consecutive) hours of Masters Tour Las Vegas action this weekend and you'll get a free Rise of Shadows card pack; watch six hours and you'll get two packs. And on top of that, Blizzard will also hand out Classic card packs to 1500 eligible viewers every hour during the event. 

To earn your card packs, you'll need to watch one (or more, I suppose) of these channels: 

During these hours:

  • June 14: 9am–8pm PT
  • June 15: 9am–8pm PT
  • June 16: 9am–8pm PT

You'll also need to ensure that your Twitch and accounts are linked. And that's it! A full rundown of the Hearthstone Masters Tour Las Vegas event, including details on format and scheduling, is up at

Andy Chalk
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