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Get cyberpunk with this Blade Runner total conversion mod for Serious Sam

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Blade Runner: Cells Interlinked 2021 casts you as a prototype Nexus-8 replicant named Trixie who has to fight her way across cyberpunk Los Angeles while pursued by blade runners, mercenaries, and the cops. It's the work of modder Syndroid, built on Serious Sam Fusion—which is mainly used for custom maps, skins, new weapons and so on for Serious Sam 3 and the HD versions of the first two games. 

Using that for a full-blown total conversion replicating the look of the Blade Runner movies is quite ambitious. As Syndroid notes, "Don't expect Serious Sam type of gameplay."

The mod looks pretty faithful to the setting of the movies, complete with blimps, billboard geishas, Coke commercials, and neon in the rain. The description notes that it's set before the animated film Blade Runner: Blackout 2022, which was one of the shorts released to promote Blade Runner 2049, and presumably that means it ties in with the plot.

You can download the mod from Serious Sam Fusion's Steam Workshop. Though it's playable now, Syndroid notes that VR support and improved character animations are in the works. 

Jody Macgregor

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