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What is Fortnite's Icon Series, and which streamers are part of it?

(Image credit: Epic Games)
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic announced the new Fortnite Icon Series on Wednesday, promising a collision between gaming, fashion, music and film. What does that mean for us normal Fortnite players? Well it seems like a whole new initiative from Epic to represent some of its biggest names in-game, so let's unpack the details.

What is the Fortnite Icon Series?

Like any big company initiative, it's a little nebulous what Epic means when they say the Icon Series will combine gaming, fashion, music, film and other entertainment in Fortnite.

What we do know is that Icon Series launched alongside a new Fortnite skin based on Ninja, the world-famous blue-haired streamer whose rise to stardom is due in large part to the game.

Ninja's Fortnite skin is available from the evening of January 16 to sometime on January 19, probably for some hard-earned V-Bucks. How many V-Bucks? Epic hasn't said yet, but I'd guess it'll be pricier than your average skin.

Anyway, Ninja's Fortnite skin came with four variant styles, plus a smattering of back bling, a pickaxe, and an emote.

Epic said in its blog post that the Icon Series will build off previous collaborations with the DJ Marshmello and Major Lazer. You'll remember that Marshmello hosted a short concert in Fortnite, played live, and Epic said 10 million people watched it. So it's entirely possible that these Icon Series collaborations won't just be a bunch of promotional skins, although they definitely seem to be starting out small with streamers.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Who is part of the Fortnite Icon Series?

So far, the only three names confirmed for Fortnite's Icon Series is Ninja, streamer Loserfruit, and YouTuber TheGrefG

Like we mention above, it's entirely possible that Epic has bigger plans for the Icon Series than a simple batch of skins for each content creator. Epic already lets you pick and play music from the item locker collectibles, so it's not far-fetched to think another musician could implement their own tracks, or that a film director could show off another clip, much like the Star Wars event.

What are the Fortnite Icon Series skins?

So far, all we've got is Ninja's skin and its four variants. Here's an image from data miner @HypeX.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There's no other skins yet, but you know, Epic just launched this whole thing, so we're glad to wait. We'll update this section when they do something new.

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