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Fortnite crafting recipes: How to craft everything

Fortnite craft items
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Fortnite season 6 has introduced a new type of crafting, and it pairs well with the "Primal" theme that's brought wild animals, rustic buildings, and mysterious towers to the battle royale map.

If you want to get a victory royale, you'll definitely need to know how to craft weapons, thereby improving your arsenal.

But don't go into season 6 without a clue. We've laid out how to craft items in Fortnite, how to find crafting materials, and how to craft primal weapons and classic weapons.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to craft items in Fortnite

While there's some simple tutorial messages, Fortnite doesn't do a great job of fully explaining things.

To craft an item or weapon in Fortnite, simply hit "Tab" on your keyboard (up on the D-pad) and it will open up a submenu. It'll open the inventory menu, but you can click on the "crafting" tab to open up the right menu.

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From here, all you need to do is select which weapon you currently have that you want to upgrade. You'll see what options you have, different stat comparisons, and what crafting materials you need to collect before you can upgrade. Thankfully, you can do this anywhere on the map.

How to get crafting materials

Crafting materials come from the animals and machinery found around the map. You'll often need more than one of an item in order to craft or upgrade something.

Animal bones are exactly what they sound like, collected from the bodies of the wolves, boars, and chickens scattered around the map.

Mechanical parts are bits of metal gathered by destroying mechanical objects, like cars, tractors, trucks, and forklifts.

craft items fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to craft Primal weapons in Fortnite

Primal weapons are a new type of weapon with increased damage and an extra-bulky look. Imagine a character from Gears of War (which, granted, Epic also developed) dropped their loot into Fortnite.

Primal weapons require a makeshift weapon (which you can find normally around the map) and animal bones. You'll need at least two animal bones, or four depending on the recipe. In my experience, it might take a couple of animal kills to get what you need. So look for packs of animals rather than lone targets.

How to craft classic weapons in Fortnite

Classic weapons are the more recognizable variants you're familiar with from previous seasons. These offer more precision than the Primal variants.

Classic weapons require mechanical parts, which you'll get from breaking down cars, trucks, or other machinery.

Fortnite crafting recipes

Primal and classic weapons are going to be what most players find or manage to craft, but there's also a ton of interesting variants that a little extra searching will get you. Bows are a particularly widespread option.

Here's every known crafting recipe:

Mechanical weapons: Any weapon + mechanical parts (4)

Primal weapons: Any weapon + bones (4)

Mechanical Explosive Bow: Mechanical Bow + Grenade (6)

Primal Flame Bow: Primal Bow + a firefly jar (1) OR a gas canister (1)

Primal Stink Bow: Primal Bow + Stink Sac (1) OR Stink Fish (3)

Mechanical shockwave weapons: Any mechanical weapon + Shockwave Grenade (2)

You can absolutely bet that Epic will introduce more recipes later on in the season. If and when they do, we'll update our guide.

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