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Exo One is a serene sci-fi exploration game, due in 2020

It's been a few years since we've seen Exo One, the Kickstarted sci-fi exploration game that sends you on a journey through time and space on a disc-shaped alien spaceship. But today we got another glimpse of it during the Guerrilla Collective stream, as well as the news that it's coming this year. 

Exo One will send you off to investigate a strange signal and pilot a weird alien spaceship that uses gravity and momentum to keep moving forward. It can transform into a ball and roll across the ground, picking up speed until it can change back into its disc-shaped glider form. 

The worlds you'll glide through are a desolate bunch, from boiling seas to alien environmentals filled with imposing monoliths, but they're some of the prettiest wastelands that I've ever seen. And your trip will be accompanied by a haunting, hypnotic soundtrack that plays up the surreal alien landscapes. 

If you want to stare at it some more, there are plenty of striking screenshots on the Steam page

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