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EVGA's 500W power supply with 80 Plus Bronze certifications is on sale for $30

You can spend several hundred dollars on a high-end power supply if you really want to, and have a need for tons of wattage. But for most systems, there isn't much point. If you're looking for a decent option without breaking the bank, there is a 500W EVGA model on sale for just $30.

That's the upfront cost—you don't have to punch in a promo code or mail in a rebate form. Both Amazon and B&H Photo have this particular unit on salee (EVGA 500 B1), so take your pick.

Either way, you're getting a 500W model with 80 Plus Bronze certification. This is a fully wired model (as opposed to modular or partially modular), but that's expected at this price for this wattage from a name brand vendor.

Connectors include:

  • 1 x 24-pin ATX
  • 1 x 4+4 pin EPS (CPU)
  • 2 x PCIe
  • 6 x SATA
  • 3 x 4-pin peripheral
  • 1 x floppy

This PSU utilizes a single +12V rail design, delivering up to 40A. If you're in doubt about how much wattage you actually need, there are various online PSU calculators that will give you a rough estimate, such as this one by OuterVision.

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