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Eldritch combines roguelike and immersive sim in a first-person Lovecraftian adventure

As we all know, the best way to run a popular PC gaming website is to go space game , roguelike , space game , roguelike in an endlessly alternating pattern. That would make it time for some roguelike news. Perhaps one that's first-person, has some action-RPG tendencies, and a Lovecraftian inspiration. I'm sure I've got something like that in my not so little black book. Aha, here it is: Eldritch .

As well as random generation and horror, Eldritch's creator - ex-2K Marin man David Pittman - is also bringing on board elements of the immersive sim genre. That means you'll be able to approach encounters in different ways, potentially sneaking through the procedural corridors, and augmenting your skills with "mystical powers".

You can pre-order Eldritch now for early access to the beta build. The game is due out October 21st, and is also looking for Greenlight votes .

Here, I'll leave you with a screenshot of a Deep One:

Aw, who's a cute little Deep One?

Phil Savage
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