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Dungeons 2's free Halloween DLC adds killer penguins, murderous pumpkins

Dungeons 2 A Clash of Pumpkins

Ian Birnbaum wasn't totally bowled over by Dungeons 2, but if you're jonesing for some Dungeon Keeper-style strategising, and you don't want to play Dungeon Keeper, I'm struggling to think of a better option. Because Halloween, Dungeons 2 is getting some free DLC tomorrow, labouring under the tortured pun 'A Clash of Pumpkins'. That kind of works...I guess.

Here's the skinny (thanks Blue's News):

"With Halloween just around the corner the Dungeon Lord is in fine spirits and in between raising morale in the Snot community (via a few swift slaps) and raising an army of the Undead, the Ultimate Evil has a special ghoulish treat in store. From Friday October 29th [I'm guessing they mean Thursday, as Oct 29 is mentioned elsewhere], Dungeons 2 fans will be able to download and play the new devilishly fun Halloween themed DLC ‘A Clash of Pumpkins’ absolutely free! Prepare to face new horrors including trigger-happy pumpkins, haunted forests and murderous penguins across three all-new, eerily beautiful combat maps; Scare Island, Ghostwood and Regicide."

It's not the first piece of Dungeons 2 DLC to bear a bad Game of Thrones pun. We've also had A Game of Winter, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Chance of Dragons, all of which are paid DLC. Hey, at least developer Realmforge is consistent with its naming scheme.

You'll be able to grab the free DLC from Steam, GOG, and from the Kalypso launcher program sometime tomorrow.