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Dramatic visuals abound in new Star Citizen Squadron 42 teaser

(Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games)

Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 singleplayer mode has a new “visual teaser” trailer. It’s a showcase of the work that the studio has done on the much-delayed single-player mode in 2019. We haven’t heard much about Squadron 42 in the last year, other than the news of a delay, but it’s good to see that Cloud Imperium Games is making headway on the campaign component of Star Citizen.

The trailer highlights a lot of space environments like dust clouds, sprawling stations, mining operations. It then moves to ships, showing off some lovely ships for the alien Vanduul, who are jerks but have cool blade-shaped and spiky spacecraft. Finally, it moves to scenes inside space stations and craft. Some of them are quite atmospheric, like the scene of a crowded station promenade with people talking and going about their lives. I particularly like the few moments of cinematic first-person view as someone maneuvers about a flaming, wrecked ship in zero-g vacuum.

Here’s the trailer in fat 21:9 format for proper cinematic flair:

Squadron 42 is the singleplayer component of record-setting crowdfunded MMO Star Citizen, a sprawling sci-fi space simulator helmed by Chris Roberts. It was due to release a beta for play early next summer, but has now been delayed until July or September 2020. Squadron 42 is to feature a cast of nerd sci-fi fan favorites like Mark Hammill and Gillian Anderson, and previous trailers have highlighted that work. 

Star Citizen has been criticized in the past for its funding model emphasizing high-dollar purchases of virtual space ships, as well as for the continual delays and creeping scope that have characterized its development. It was announced in 2012 and slated for 2014, then delayed to 2016, and now has no firm release date. It is currently in a playable Alpha state. 

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.