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Dota 2 gets its own kart racer in the form of 'Dota Dash'

2014 will go down in history as the year Very Serious PC games got a karting mode. First it was Arma 3 , and now Dota 2. While 'Dota Dash' doesn't look like the most polished karting game, it will no doubt please those who, for some reason, desire to burn around Dota 2 maps collecting power-ups and dropping bananas.

Designed to 'feel like Mario Kart', the Dota Dash mod retains the familiar Dota 2 camera angle while rejigging the controls and map layouts. Mod creator 'BMD' has promised to keep adding to the mode, with a 'campaign system' chief among the scheduled additions. Customisation is a priority as well, as BMD writes on Reddit :

"I'm also building development tools for mappers so that they can draw their map in Hammer, then use my development tools to place all of the powerups/waypoints/hazards/barriers on the map, and then release their map/map pack (or possibly even sell it on the workshop eventually)."

You can grab the mod on the Steam forums . Check out a video of Dota Dash in action below:

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