DayZ Standalone's latest development update shows the finest in zombie acting

DayZ Standalone mocap

The latest DayZ Standalone update dispenses with the technical round-ups of recent posts, and instead focuses on creator Dean "Rocket" Hall having violent and unnatural spasms. Because he's doing motion capture work for the game. Not because he's possessed or anything. Probably.

The twenty minute video takes you through the mo-capping process, and features select interviews with DayZ's animation team. In it, you can learn Bohemia animator Martin Michalik's favourite mo-capped animation for DayZ. Spoiler: it's "defecation". Wait, what?

Don't expect a huge splurge of information about the status of the project. Still, it's an interesting look at a particular aspect of development and, at the very least, is good for a cheap laugh or two.