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Darksiders Genesis will spread war and strife in December

Strife, the final horseman in Darksiders' apocalyptic mythology, doesn't get quite as good a deal as his brothers and sister. He's debuting in Darksiders Genesis, a co-op spin-off where he has to share the spotlight with moody War, rather than getting a big solo adventure. 

Hopefully he's not the jealous type. But judging by the new trailer, above, he doesn't take things too seriously, unlike his brother. His fighting style is different, too. While War loves to whack things with his big ol' sword, Strife is a ranged horseman, murdering things with his magical guns. 

The horsemen duo both have an ability that I wouldn't have minded in the previous games: they can turn into huge monsters with flashy attacks that look like they can devastate big groups of enemies. [They absolutely could do this in the other games and my memory sucks.] And if you can't rope a co-op buddy into fighting alongside you, there's a solo mode that lets you flip between War and Strife whenever you fancy. 

We still don't know much about Strife, but here's some more footage of his brother in action.

Darksiders Genesis is due out on PC and Stadia on December 5.

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