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Darksiders 2 remaster is a way to gauge interest in Darksiders 3, says publisher


Darksiders 2 got the remaster treatment last week in the form of the dubiously titled Deathinitive Edition. It was a welcome move for Darksiders fans as it demonstrated that Nordic Games – the publisher that acquired the IP from THQ when it shuttered in 2012 – hasn't abandoned the series. Indeed, according to new comments made by Nordic Games executive producer Reinhard Pollice on Steam, the company has further plans for the Zelda-like adventure.

"Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition was just the start," Pollice wrote on the Darksiders 2 community forum. "Since we acquired the franchise we were looking for options for doing a DS3. The remaster was just a way to get some spotlight on the franchise again, reactivate the community and have a better starting position for DS3."

Despite technical issues at launch, Darksiders 2 reviewed reasonably well when it released in 2012. "Darksiders II offers a rewardingly deep system of combos that must be exploited with intelligence and precision," Marsh Davies wrote in his review. "It's this that makes the lack of challenge in platforming or puzzling an amiable respite rather than a bore."

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