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Daedalic Entertainment is having a weekend Steam sale

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German game house Daedalic Entertainment is holding a Steam sale, with prices reduced by as much as 90 percent. Point-and-click adventure fans should probably give it a look—that's what Daedalic is known for—but as the saying goes, that's not all

Shadow Tactics, which we scored 92/100 in our 2017 review, is half price ($20/£17.50/€20), as is the more recent and also very good The Pillars of the Earth ($15/£13.50/€15). The fantasy flight sim Aer: Memories of Old (also very good) is $7.50/£7/€7.50, and The Long Journey Home (which we didn't review, but I really liked) is $20/£17/€20. 

And then there are the adventures. A few that I would recommend:

There are also some good deals on big bundles, if you want to go all-in, all at once. The Daedalic Steam Sale is live now and runs until April 23.