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Crysis 2 trailer features maximum war

Crysis 2 is on fire thumb

The latest trailer for Crysis 2 seems to be narrated by the mad scientist who created the Nanosuit. He has a good old boast about how it grants his super soldiers "incredible strength", super speed, invisibility, bullet proof skin... okay actually that is pretty badass. Your arrogance is justified, mysterious old dude. The latest footage shows off the crumbling city environment, and also features plenty of aliens exploding. You'll find it embedded below.

The Crysis 2 minimum specs were recently revealed, though today Crytek clarified that they may be subject to change. They'll still give an idea of the level of machine the devs are aiming for. For more on the game check out the official Crysis 2 site, and our preview of the multiplayer. We've also got a multiplayer demo to look forward to before the game is released on March 25.

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