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Crusader Kings 3 is now available in Australia, but not on Steam just yet

Crusader Kings 3
(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

Last week Crusader Kings 3 was mysterious cordoned off to Australian purchasers, with both the game's publisher Paradox Interactive and the Australian Classification Board seeming a bit confused about the situation. We still don't know why it was initially refused classification and hence unavailable for purchase, but the good news is that it's now been rated MA15+ and has been given the go ahead to release.

The Australian Classification Board confirmed as much with Kotaku Australia, and the game's listing now displays an MA15+ rating. Don't sound the victory trumpets just yet, though. While Crusader Kings 3 is already available on the Microsoft Store for AU$74.95, the Steam listing has yet to update. If you're a stickler for keeping your games library on Steam, you've still got to wait (but probably not for long). 

Meanwhile, the game is already available on Xbox Game Pass for PC. There was originally a workaround to play it last week in Australia, but that was quickly quashed.

While the delay was annoying, it was definitely worth the wait. In his review, Fraser called it an "irrepressible story engine that spits out a constant stream of compelling alt-histories." Or, you could just get stuck into the game's already thriving mod scene

Shaun Prescott
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