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Cayde-6 assembles Cayde's Six in a new Destiny 2 comic

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If Destiny 2 lore is your thing—and honestly there's some enjoyably esoteric stuff tucked away in those collectible cards—then you'll probably want to take a moment to direct eyeballs to Bungie's website, where a new comic tells an old tale about Cayde 6 and his pals. 

Entitled Cayde's Six, the digital comic begins with our titular hero explaining why an ostensibly simple bounty-hunting job went very wrong. Or did it? The prey eluded capture, but perhaps there's more going on than meets the eye. Perhaps there is... a plan! Layers, people. This stuff goes deep. 

The comic features appearances by Destiny supporting characters Hawthorne, Banshee-44, Nadiya, and Petra Venj, and a guy named Jin, who I'm sorry to say I don't recognize—but he looks a bit like the Drifter, doesn't he? Also interesting is that their quarry is Araskes, The Trickster, a Baron of the Scorn who helped kill Cayde-6 in Forsaken. Or did she? Call me a hopeless optimist (or a conspiracy nut) but I still don't think he's gone for good. 

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