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Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer


We completed this project over the course of about two weeks’ work. All said and done, everything worked out pretty well. We ended up with a fully functional, highly responsive multi-touch surface. Just because we like to show off, we've included some extra pictures of the table in action below, and of course there's the full video that we mentioned at the start of the article.

Still, during the project we discovered a lot of ways that we could do better a second time around. We’ve tried to incorporate those into this article as we’ve gone, but it’s important to understand that this is the sort of thing that’s very difficult to get totally right the first time. Even with all the resources available on the internet, there’s a certain element of trial and error inherent in a DIY project of this magnitude. In other words, if you’re inspired to try a build like this yourself, don’t let the little setbacks get you down; perseverance is the most important part of any DIY project.