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Breach And Clear: DEADline is coming to Steam Early Access later this year

Breach & Clear was a reasonably well-received tactical strategy shooter released in 2013. Developed by Mighty Rabbit Studios and helmed by former Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling, the series has already spawned a sequel in the form of Breach & Clear: DEADline . The game is set to hit Steam Early Access this fall (or spring in Australia) and will release for PC and Linux only, with the studio forgoing Android and iOS this time around.

The catch is this time you'll be fighting to eradicate the wrath of "infectious parasitic worms" responsible for "turning average citizens into horrifying monsters". You'll command a Special Forces squad tasked with navigating the "sprawling" Harbor City in search of these monstrosities, while picking up the occasional side quest along the way. It already sounds a lot more open and a lot less serious than its predecessor, neither of which are entirely bad things.

The sequel also introduces a new 'Command Mode' which apparently allows a greater level of control over how scenarios play out. Along with Breach & Clear's combat aspects, this mode will offer more depth to the tactical aspect of the game, allowing full control over each member in the player's squad. Squadmembers, by the by, can also be levelled up and kitted out with new abilities and loot.

The game will cost US$19.99 in Early Access. No word as yet on when the final release will emerge.

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