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Is Bloodborne coming to PC?

Bloodborne PC
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Another year, another missed opportunity for a proper Bloodborne PC port. Though it's amazing to have God of War coming to PC this month, as well as both Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy later this month, it somehow makes Bloodborne's absence all the more painful.

In 2020, rumors of a PC port were flying around with such enthusiasm that it seemed like it might actually happen, but as was the case with Elden Ring for years, FromSoftware's community remains one of the most optimistic around—perhaps ironic when you consider the nature of the Soulsborne games.

Now we're in 2022, and no new rumors have surfaced. The fact we're getting more Sony PC ports does inspire hope for the future of Bloodborne on PC, but when could it happen? Here's everything we know about Sony's PC porting plans—and every scrap of rumor we've heard about Bloodborne on PC.

You can play Bloodborne on PC... with Playstation Now

Though the new PC ports of Sony games look promising for Bloodborne, there are still no massive announcements in regards to a remaster or a PC version. With that in mind, it's worth a reminder that you can play Bloodborne on PC, though you'll have to use the Playstation Now PC app.

For those that don't know, Playstation Now is Sony's game streaming service, and Bloodborne is one of the titles available with it. In fact, Bloodborne is the most-played Playstation Now title on PC. The only big drawback is that the quality depends on how decent your internet is, and games can look pretty dreadful if your connection is on the slower side.

If you do plan to try it out, I definitely recommend using a wired connection, as that will make things as stable as possible.

PlayStation has kept the PC ports coming

In a February 2021 interview with GQ Magazine, Jim Ryan casually confirmed that Sony is bringing more of its first party games to PC. "Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle our studios made some wonderful, great games," Ryan said. "There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward. The cost of making games goes up with each cycle, as the calibre of the IP has improved. Also, our ease of making it available to non-console owners has grown. So it’s a fairly straightforward decision for us to make."

Now we've seen several PlayStation games land on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have already come out. God of War and the Uncharted collection are poised for 2022. Those are some of Sony's biggest exclusives.

But what about Bloodborne?

So far, Sony hasn't said a word about Bloodborne—and it hasn't gotten a PS5 upgrade patch, either. One complicating factor is FromSoftware as the developer. From is busy making Elden Ring, and also isn't an internal Sony studio like the developers of most first party games. Is that a problem for a Bloodborne PC port? Hopefully not an insurmountable one.

Rumors of Bloodborne PC have continued throughout 2021

Don't get your hopes up too high here. There have been some random claims that Bloodborne is PC-bound, but no leaked footage or screenshots to back up those claims. There's no public proof that it exists, and no leakers with sterling track records have given us confidence in the port's existence.

A new rumor still pops up every few months, at this point. Recently, Xbox Era podcast host Nick Baker claimed that "I've been told there's a PC port that's already done, and I think what's happening with Bluepoint is, Bluepoint is doing the sequel. And I think Bluepoint might also be doing the console remaster of the first one. I think."

Is that information reliable? As with every Bloodborne rumor, we can only say: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The big rumor of 2020 was a Bloodborne remaster coming to PC and PS5

In June 2020, streamer CaseyExplosion tweeted that a Bloodborne PC port by port studio QLOC was supposed to be announced at a PS5 event. The event was delayed, and when it finally happened, Bloodborne was MIA. 2020 ended with no sign that the rumor ever was anything more than a rumor.

What did get announced was a PS5 remake of Demon's Souls, another FromSoftware game. Was that what the rumors were actually about all along? It's possible, though Demon's Souls was developed by Bluepoint Games, and a Dark Souls Youtuber said QLOC was not working on a Bloodborne port.

That seemed to pretty much quash the rumors, but CaseyExplosion was convinced that Bloodborne is still out there, and on the way.

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Could is still happen? Sure. Were those rumors from 2020 based on real, accurate information? Maybe, but it sure looks less likely as more time goes by. So far, there haven't been substantial leaks or signs that a Bloodborne remaster is happening, just whispers. Everyone wants Bloodborne on PC. For now, we just have to wait.

At least now you can play this Bloodborne demake on PC for free

While we still don't know if Bloodborne itself will ever launch on PC, you can at least enjoy the Bloodborne PS1 Demake. It recreates the first area of the game in Central Yharnam and includes the boss fight with Father Gascoigne. The '90s-era visuals really suit Bloodborne well.

Our own Tyler Colp tried it out, and found a certain charm: "I played it on a gamepad with D-pad controls and rotating the camera on the triggers, which was a hassle—but in a good way. BloodbornePSX requires some patience before you start to see how far its developers went to make it not feel like a modern game. Characters and objects jiggle in place like my computer can't quite handle the graphical fidelity and Bloodborne's Central Yharnam is cut up into separate rooms, complete with an exit animation where you watch your character walk off before a loading screen fills your screen."