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Batman: Arkham Knight video shows rogues gallery of Gotham

Batman: Arkham Knight

Just when I had forgotten to be excited about the new Rocksteady Batman game, there it is, sprawling and grim and full of criminals to punch. The city looks beautiful, and I'm excited by the very brief shot of Batman crashing down on a car chase—will these replace Arkham City's ambient "political prisoner" missions?

For a closer look, check out this raft of screenshots and read Sam's hands-on account, in which he teams up with Batman's best friend: a big armoured street tank.

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally due out October last year, but was delayed to June 2 this year. It received an "M" rating, possibly because of the new execution moves that has Batman ramming goons into light fittings and power generators, non-fatally, of course.

Tom Senior
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