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Batman: Arkham Knight is $5 at Bundle Stars, but only until tomorrow

Want to pick up Batman: Arkham Knight on the serious cheap? Bundle Stars has it on sale, until 11 am ET on February 17 for just $5/£4/€5, the lowest the price has ever gone. 

The Bat bargain is a "Star Deal," which Bundle Stars describes as "24-hour-only flash discounts which offer Steam games at best ever prices." Your fiver gets you a legitimate Steam key for the full game, the only catch being that they're available in limited quantities, so if they run out before the 24 hours is up, you miss out. 

Arkham Knight had an infamously rocky launch, and while subsequent efforts to fix it up weren't exactly a master class of invisible mending, it looks like the game is finally in fighting form. Steam user reviews overall are "mixed" (there's a lot of of bad history to overcome), but recent reviews are "very positive." And hey, it's five bucks. Fill your boots over at

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Andy Chalk
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