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Assassin's Creed Odyssey is free for the weekend

If you've got a boring weekend looming, you should spend it with a sarcastic Greek mercenary and their best mate, a bird. Everyone can take Assassin's Creed Odyssey on a trial run between March 19-22, and it's designed to devour hours. 

Aside from it ending on Sunday, there doesn't appear to be any other limitations. You'll get access to the full main game, which is absolutely vast, and if it ends up getting its hooks in you, you can carry over your progression when you upgrade.  

It's also during the free weekend that everyone will be able to unlock the Ezio's Roman Set costume via the Ubisoft Club.

Odyssey is the greatest departure from the series' origins so far, starting a new life as a proper RPG. With a frankly ridiculous number of quests, mountains of loot and some excellent opportunities for hitting that screenshot key, it will definitely keep you busy for a few days. There's too much, really, which is why it took me more than 150 hours, DLC included, to finally put it down, but you can finish the main quest a great deal sooner. 

If you fancy sailing all over the Greek world as Alexios or Kassandra, you can start preloading the game now—it's big, so best to start early. It's also 75 percent off, if you want to keep it. 

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