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Anno 2205 update 1.3 brings a new Sector and lots of bug fixes

Anno 2205 trailer grab 2

Anno 2205 is getting a bunch of post-launch support to keep the cobwebs at bay, and Ubisoft has just released update 1.3, which adds new content and polishes up some existing stuff. The jewel in the crown is a new Sector in the form of Wildwater Bay, which is available in the game world's Temperate Region.

There's also a major, quality-of-life update to The World Market, three new Ornamentals in the Temperate Region, and "the Corporation HQ now satisfies the needs for Information, Security, Mobility and Entertainment".

As for the bug fixes and balancing issues, they're plentiful and can be read about in detail over here. Wildwater Bay is the first of a series of planned updates to the game, but there are also some more substantial expansions coming as well: the first one, entitled Tundra, is due next month.

If you've not yet tried Anno 2205 but want to, now might be a good time to jump in. Angus Morrison enjoyed the game at launch, describing it as "an ideal gateway into the city management sim, but with too little room for forward-planning."

Shaun Prescott
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