Anno 2205 expansions and free DLC announced

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Anno 2205 is the latest entry in the long-running city-building strategy series. We liked it, calling it "the most streamlined Anno yet." Ubisoft have announced two new expansions set for release next year: Tundra and Orbit.

In Tundra you'll "roam the marshes, cross the fjords, and observe the muskoxen" in an icy new environment called Vanha Plains. It'll also add new command aircraft, building types, and production chains.

And Orbit will let you expand into space. "Recruit the bravest men and women amongst your employees and settle them in orbit," says Ubisoft. "You can construct research modules to upgrade and tweak your space station."

See this post on the official forum for more details.

The first of the two expansions, Tundra, will be released in February 2016. But before then, in January, you'll be able to downoad a free DLC called Wildwater Bay.

“This will help you to acquire additional coastal and mountain slots,” says producer Burkhard Ratheiser. "And a new sector project will be available where you can solve the riddle of abandoned underwater cities and meet ghosts from the past.”

Andy Kelly

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