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Action-platformer Valfaris gets a heavy metal trailer at the PC Gaming Show

Valfaris looks like a shelf of heavy metal album covers brought to life, which shouldn't be a surprise if you've seen the team's previous action-platformer, Slain: Back from Hell. The gothic fantasy land has been swapped for a sci-fi citadel orbiting a dying sun, and you can get your first look at it in action in a new trailer from the PC Gaming Show.

Slain was a nod to the tricky gothic misadventures like Castlevania, but Valfaris, with its big guns and aliens, calls to mind the likes of Contra and Turrican. It pits one extremely well-armed warrior against an army of monsters and sci-fi goons as they slaughter their way through the titular citadel. It used to be a nice place, apparently, but the new owners have some weird ideas when it comes to interior decorating.

Therion—that's the angry man doing all the killing—can scrounge up a lot of exotic weapons, all of which look ready to just blow up in his hand. I guess that would be pretty metal, if not entirely practical. Steel Mantis brought one of them to the PC Gaming Show: the Bringer of Mayhem. It shoots a beam that can hit multiple targets and turn them into a shower of guts and goo. 

Thankfully the safety was on.