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A Story About My Uncle trailer shows first-person grapple platforming

Thinking back, I doubt that any of the stories about my uncle would make for a compelling game concept. There was the time he napped through Family Fortunes, but, unfortunately, that never resulted in a magical grappling-hook adventure through a surreal and colourful land of floating islands. Some nephews have all the luck, as this trailer for the upcoming first-person platfomer—being published by Sanctum/Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios—can attest.

Originally released as a free student-made UDK demo , A Story About My Uncle has now been built upon and transformed into a full release. A narrative-led combat-free game, it stars the nephew of a famous adventurer retracing his steps via a techno-glove grappling hook.

For more details, check out the official page on the Gone North Games site . A Story About My Uncle is due out on May 28th.

Phil Savage
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