A new Life Is Strange game is on its way

Life Is Strange developer DONTNOD released a brief video today thanking fans of the game for their support. It said a whopping three million people have bought the Twin Peaks-inspired adventure game since launch, before revealing that a new Life Is Strange game is currently being developed.

"We've been working since the release of the box version [of Life Is Strange] last year on a new Life Is Strange game with the Life is Strange team, and we can't wait to share more about this with you." The box version DONTNOD is referring to launched January 19, 2016, which would mean this sequel has been in development for roughly a year and a half. It's not much in the way of details, but it's an exciting reveal nonetheless.

This is coming alongside last year's announcement that a live-action Life Is Strange series was being developed, but we haven't heard much about that since. DONTNOD is also presumably still working on its darker action-adventure  Vampyr, which is still slated to arrive sometime this year according to its website.