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A new Forza Motorsport is in development, ray tracing supported

A new Forza Motorsport was announced during today's Xbox Games Showcase. It's coming from the usuals at Turn 10 Studios, so expect another fully-featured, fancy-looking racing simulation. This one doesn't have a number attached, but I really dug Forza Motorsport 7, so it's easy to imagine the next, number or not, will also be a nice car haven. 

We know it'll look nicer at least. According to a press release accompanying the announcement, ray tracing will be supported in the next Forza Motorsport. Car games tend to be technical showpieces for hardware anyway, what with all those shiny surfaces, so ray tracing was an inevitability. Hopefully we won't need the latest components to put it to the test. 

Check out the debut teaser for the next Forza Motorsport above. There's no release date, but I can't imagine a new Forza lagging too far behind a big console launch. 2021 feels like a safe bet. 

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