Atlas Reactor unveils new character and Extraction Mode in free winter update

Trion Worlds' turn-based tactical PvP affair Atlas Reactor has announced its 'Snowmageddon' update—a free winter-themed refurb that adds a new playable character, a preview of its latest Extraction Mode and a host of superficial add-ons such as skins and maps in time for Christmas. 

Firstly, the update welcomes new Freelancer (the name given to Atlas Reactor's playable characters) Phaedra The Abomination into the fold, an imposing frontliner who's said to be "accustomed to hunting her prey in the labyrinth-like Depths". As such Phaedra harnesses the unique ability of bursting through walls to surprise her enemies, which sounds fitting against her skillset

Inspired by The Case, Atlas Reactor's new Extraction Mode sounds like its own take on Capture the Flag. In a bid to "capture a mysterious briefcase" two teams will faceoff against one another to achieve victory. "But beware," reads a blog post, "holding the case will reveal you to enemies as well."

The Snowmageddon update will also introduce a number of "holiday-themed" features such as a snow-covered Cloudspire map and 25 new similarly themed skins for Freelancers including Ice Princess Aurora, Sleigh Gremolitions, Jack Frost Helio, Snowman Nix, Santa Su Ren.  

Full details of Atlas Reactor's Snowmaggedon update can be found this way