Assassin's Creed survey lists possible settings for future titles

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A number of Assassin's Creed fans have received a survey asking them where they'd like to see Assassin's Creed set. It's multiple choice, which means we get to see the options that Ubisoft are considering. Eurogamer got hold of a screenshot of the survey from Empire State Gamers , which offers eight different settings that range from Medieval China to the American revolution and Victorian London. But which is your favourite?

  • The violent conflicts of the Imperial Dynasties in Medieval China

  • The advent of the mighty British Empire during Victorian England

  • The culmination of the Pharaoh Reign in Ancient Egypt

  • The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors

  • The confrontation between British colonists and native Americans during The American Revolution

  • The overthrow of the Tsar Empire by the Communists during the Russian Revolution

  • The Warlord Battles in Feudal Japan

  • The rise of Cesar's Empire in Ancient Rome

Of which Victorian London is the correct answer. Okay, I'm a little biased, but hear me out. Assassin's Creed is great at giving major historical figures cameos. Think of the people you could meet in Victorian London. just replace Brotherhood's army of assassins with loyal chimney sweeps, Leonardo Da Vinci with Thomas Edison. Jack the Ripper can be a rival assassin. Queen Victoria could be a Templar commander. IT ALL FITS.

Medieval China would be great, too, as would the Russian Revolution and feudal Japan, and I'm surprised the French Revolution isn't being considered (Assassin's Creed in Paris, anyone?). Which of the choices above is your favourite? Or is there a setting not listed that you think would be perfect for an Assassin's Creed game?

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