Assassin's Creed overhaul mod brings the original's Altaïr to 2016

The first Assassin's Creed may be celebrating its ninth birthday this month, but its visuals have held up pretty well for a game almost a decade old. In 2014, modder Hecumarine's graphics overhaul brought Altaïr's debut in-line aesthetically with 2011's Revelations—the latest update of which improves its looks further still. 

"You may ask why all the effort? Is the final version not enough? I thought so myself, but when I increased the resolution of the textures for the first time, I saw the huge difference, and so it motivated me to keep the mod growing," says Hecumarine on ModDB. "Not only that, I also improved a lot of particles, fixed many ugly things and added some new textures in the latest version. I even analysed every city in the game and improved the atmosphere even more. Even the colour palette was reworked again so that you don't need to use SweetFX anymore." 

Particle effects, as Hecumarine says, look better—especially tied to smoke and fire. Texture resolution has now been doubled—jumping from 256×256 to 512×512, and 512×512 to 1024×1024—and colour correction has been tweaked. Certain NPC skins have been adjusted too. 

The list of alterations the Assassin's Creed Overhaul Mod applies can be read in full via ModDB, however the following slider screens show the latest update's improvements over its 2015 incarnation. 

Thanks, VG24/7, DSOGaming.