Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first DLC episode introduces an old man and his favourite knife

After a slew of post-launch treats and updates, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s first DLC episode is now live. Hunted is the first episode in Legacy of the First Blade, a new storyline featuring legendary Assassin and wielder of the original hidden blade, Darius. Check out the launch trailer above. 

While Odyssey sees Ubisoft pushing Assassin’s Creed further and further from its roots, continuing Origins' efforts in transforming the series into a gargantuan RPG, Legacy of the First Blade is a nod to the past. If you’ve got a great memory, you might even remember Darius, or his statue at least, from Assassin’s Creed 2. He’s someone we know is important, the killer of Xerxes, but he’s still something of an enigma, and hopefully one we’ll be able to unravel by the storyline’s close next year. 

You’ll meet and fight Darius before teaming up with him in Makedonia, pitting you against a new group of enemies. They’ve come over from Persia, like Darius, and are connected to the order that will eventually cause so many problems for Bayek in Origins. Take a look at the official gameplay preview below. 

Two more chapters will appear next year, while another story arc, The Fate of Atlantis, is due out in spring. That, I’m especially interested in, as it promises more mythical monsters and the chance to uncover the secrets of the sunken city. Expect to get damp and get some First Civilisation history lessons.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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