Three brand new Assassin Creed games announced at Ubisoft Forward

Three new Assassin's Creed games were announced at Ubisoft Forward 2022 on Saturday, including a new flagship open world RPG set in Japan, the witchy Codename Hexe, and a mobile game spin-off. Ubisoft also officially pulled the hood back on the recently leaked Assassin's Creed Mirage, a throwback to the more stealth-focused play of early Assassin's Creed. Valhalla will also be getting a final bit of DLC towards the end of 2022 that will tie up its main storyline.

After wishing on a star for the longest time, Assassin's Creed is finally heading to feudal Japan in Codename Red. The word "shinobi" was mentioned, but there's very little else to go on right now. It'll be an open world RPG, much like Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. It's the next flagship game for the franchise, but likely won't release before 2024.

Codename Hexe was also announced with even less to go on. Given its witchy pagan vibes, I'll hedge my bets on this being set during 16th century Europe when accusations of witchcraft were rife—or maybe it'll have something to do with the Salem witch trials? Either way, Ubisoft says it's going to be something new for Assassin's Creed, but exactly what that means, and the scope of Codename Hexe, are unclear. It also probably won't be appearing before 2024.

Next is Codename Jade, which is set in China in 215 BC. This is an open world RPG on mobile, where you'll be able to customise your own assassin to jump back into history with. It'll also have the usual parkour and stealth mechanics you'd expect for an AC game, but on a phone. The trailer was captured using the in-game engine which actually looked really good, so it might be worth a go. Again, there was no release date mentioned for Codename Jade.

Finally, Ubisoft announced The Last Chapter DLC for Valhalla. It looks like you'll be chatting with Sigurd, cosplaying as Basim and meeting more historical friends and foes as you tie up loose ends and round off Valhalla's lacklustre ending.

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