How to get the Cyne Belle Castle treasure in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla Cyne Belle Castle armor
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Looking to pick up the the AC Valhalla Cyne Belle Castle armor? As with many fortifications you come across in 9th century England, Cyne Belle Castle has its share of treasures just waiting to be looted. The castle located in the southern part of Oxenefordscire is heavily guarded when you first discover it.

If you happen to find Cyne Belle Castle in Valhalla before the Oxenefordscire story arc sends you there, you may be better off waiting until you've reached the part where you pick up The Saga Stone quest. The treasure is much easier to acquire once this is completed as the guards will be cleared out and the castle will be friendly, meaning you won't have to fight or stealth your way in.

How to get the AC Valhalla Cyne Belle Castle armor

Most of the treasure in Cyne Belle Castle is fairly easy to find, especially when you use your Odin's Sight to help you locate it. Once you cross the drawbridge—which you let down at the start of the siege in The Sage Stone quest—turn right to find a group of red tents. Use your Odin's Sight to locate the first treasure hidden inside a chest in one of them.

For the next treasure, head through the gate with the portcullis then turn towards the left wall. Find the stairs that take you to the top of the wall, then turn around to face the direction of the portcullis wall. You'll see some wooden buildings ahead of you and using your Odin's Sight will reveal that another treasure waits within one of those. Enter the building and look up. Shoot the boards above with an arrow and climb up, then locate the moveable shelf and pull it towards you. Loot the chest behind it to claim your prize.

Now, head back outside but follow the wall that runs across the top of the portcullis. You'll see a house on ground level to your left. Use your Odin's Sight once again to locate the treasure hidden within. Now it's time to head to the main castle. Head through the main doors and locate a chest at the back of the room there. Loot it for the Shishi Guard shield.

The last treasure is located on one of the upper floors. Instead of climbing the stairs, head out through the main doors and climb up the wall at the front of the castle. Keep climbing until you reach the section with a doorway and some shields. The treasure is behind the wall in front of you, hidden in a chest.

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