As Far As The Eye is a nomadic roguelike where you control a roving village

I'm a little bit captivated by As Far As The Eye, a turn-based citybuilder/roguelike where you control a village resting on the back of a giant beast. It's an ambitious, weird concept that reminds me a little of For The King with its hex-based strategic rogueliking, but in a more intriguing fantasy world and with citybuilding elements.

You control a nomadic tribe living on the back of a giant creature, but you can also hop off the beast to construct stationary or mobile buildings, cook food for your tribe, and trade or harvest resources from the world. Your ultimate goal is to reach the centre of that world, where a place named The Eye will protect your tribe from a coming disaster: an imminent apocalyptic flood.

You'll come across treasure and stumble into random events as you roam around the colourful landscape, but interestingly there's no combat in the game. The trailer does show a bit of gnarly weather, however, so it won't all be plain sailing as you try to keep your tribe alive for long enough to escape the flood.

While it does look potentially a bit rough around the edges, As Far As The Eye is doing some interesting things. There's a new trailer above, while a release date has just been announced: September 10.

Tom Sykes

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