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Arma 3 will get two new helicopters this November

Arma3 Dlc Helicopters Screenshot 02

Arma 3 will get two new helicopters this November as part of the sensibly titled Arma 3 Helicopters DLC. This is great news for helicopter fans. Come November 4 the CH-67 Huron and Mi-290 Taru will be available to download for a fee, though you will also be able to roadtest the DLC before you buy. Both choppers are of the heavy-lift variety, with Bohemia Interactive claiming their addition will "place a stronger emphasis on the role of logistics in Arma 3’s open-world combat."

The paid DLC will coincide with a new platform update, which will usher in a new multiplayer mode entitled Support. The chopper-centric mode will be complimented by ten new VR Training stages for helicopters, as well as five new Time Trials (though four of these will be part of the paid DLC package). Other additions include new landing platforms and military decorations.

Full details on the new helicopters can be perused on the Arma 3 website. It'll set you back 12.99 EUR /10.99 GBP/ 15.99 USD. Those keen to read more on airbourne Arma 3 vehicles could do worse than to read Ian Birnbaum's deep dive on the matter. If you're not such a fan of lumbering, simulation-style helicopters, then Arma 3 now has karts. I know, it's hilarious isn't it?

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