Arma 3 leaves Early Access, gets an official launch trailer

Arma 3

It took me a moment to realise that the waddling soldiers of this Arma 3 trailer had deployed in recognition of the game's "launch". Thanks to playable alpha and beta stages, news of an official release seems a bit anti-climactic. Players have even had access to v1.0's big new feature - the giant main island of Atlis - via an opt-in option to download a development build. Still, Arma 3's launch does remove a level of complication. The game is now "out", giving players easy access to all of its features.

That is, all of its features with the exception of the single-player campaign. That's due to arrive in three free DLC chunks , one per month over the next three months. Even without them, players now have access to 12 single-player showcases, nine multiplayer scenarios, eight firing drills, and, of course, the mission editor and Steam Workshop catalogue.

The other major effect is on the price. Arma 3 now costs £39.99/$59.99.

Phil Savage

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