Arma 3 custom sound mod aims for ultra realism

The Arma series has long been known for its often stunningly realistic visuals. But alongside all that eye candy, modders have been consistently working to sharpen Arma's soundscape as well. A new, in-progress sound mod for Arma 3 —the Advanced Combat Sound Environment—continues this work and looks to achieve a dramatic level of audio immersion for the military simulation.

The ACSE is a standalone mod that alters weapon sounds to reflect a changing and dynamic battlefield, according to modder tpM, who also released the video above. The team behind ACSE features veterans of the earlier Advanced Combat Environment mod for Arma 2 and includes modders zGuba, Rocko, ViperMaul, and Mr. NouberNou, as tpM reports in the official ACSE forum thread. The goal of the mod is to give detailed and specific sounds for different weapons based on distance, interior or exterior environments, or even if you fire off the last round from a magazine. As you can hear in the video the sounds change depending on where you are and what the terrain is like.

TpM writes that the team has been working on the ACSE mod for more than two years and says the project will release "when it's done, hopefully sooner than you'd expect." There's no doubt that a massive Arma 3 map like Altis offers up a wide variety of situations in which sound—and the way players are able to interpret it—plays a vital role in victory or defeat. It's one of several mods for Arma 3 that we'll be keeping an eye on as it progresses towards full release.