Arkane's brilliant immersive sim Prey is free for the week on the Epic Store

The Epic Games Store has been giving away games for a few years, and to be frank it's grown a little mundane. But it still puts up some real bangers every now and then, and today is one of those days: Prey, Arkane's absolutely fantastic sci-fi shooter from 2017, is free for the taking, all week long.

I may be biased here, because I liked Prey a lot—enough that I would probably (no, definitely) have reversed the digits in our 79% review—but in my eyes, this is not one to be missed. It's an outstanding blend of action, stealth, and powers, in a story that takes some genuinely unexpected twists. All told, it's "a compelling, beautiful immersive sim," and if you suddenly find yourself with a gaping hole in your gaming schedule—for, you know, whatever reason that might be—this could be a great way to fill it.

This actually isn't the first time Prey has gone free on Epic: It was previously up for grabs on December 25, 2021. But that was a one-day-only thing, and of course being on Christmas it was easy to miss. This time around you've got a whole week to snag it. (And thus, no excuse not to.)

And it's not just Prey that's free for the week. Jotun: Valhalla Edition, the beautiful hand-drawn game about killing Norse titans and earning a ticket to Valhalla is also in the mix, as is Redout: Enhanced Edition, a high-speed hovercraft racing game. Prey all by itself is a big get, but coupled with a pair of solid backups, I almost feel like Epic is trying to spoil me.

Another interesting little twist amidst all this is that next week's free game is a mystery. Literally.

(Image credit: Epic Games Store)

This too is not unprecedented, and in fact Epic has had May mystery freebies over the past couple of years that have turned out to be NBA 2K212 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Given that, I think we can reasonably expect something big from next week's giveaway too.

Andy Chalk

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