Ark: Extinction teaser shows drones, synthetic dinos, and massive tamable Titans

The third expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved, titled Extinction, is arriving on November 6. As hinted at the end of Ark's previous expansion, Aberration, this time players find themselves on planet Earth, though it's a nearly unrecognizable one filled with both dinosaurs and futuristic technology. In the teaser above released today, you can get a few glimpses of a city that appears both advanced and ancient, with towering monolithic structures overgrown by nature. You can also see some teleporting robotic dinos, a player-piloted drone, and at the end, the appearance of a massive creature called a Titan.

Not only are these Titans huge, but players will—somehow—be able to tame them. I spoke with members of Studio Wildcard about the upcoming Extinction expansion and they gave me the lowdown on some of the new dinos, tools, and Titans it's bringing with it. You can find out everything Studio Wildcard told me about Extinction right here.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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