Arctic is bringing the chill to Threadripper with Freezer 33 air cooler

Cooler makers are started to come out with customized air and liquid cooled solutions for Threadripper, as opposed to retrofitting existing coolers with updated hardware (they're doing that, too). One of them is Arctic, which has a new Freezer 33 model designed specifically for Threaderipper and its large integrated heatspreader.

The Freezer 33 TR is essentially an updated model of the original Freezer 33, but with an enlarged base. It is an air cooled solution that utilizes flattened heatpipes on the bottom that make direct contact with the IHS.

Active cooling is provided by a single 120MM PWM controlled fan, though it also has a relatively low footprint to avoid interference with RAM even when slapping a second fan on the back.

According to Arctic, this cooler runs extremely quiet thanks to a three-phase motor design. Arctic also talks up the use of off-centered heatpipes, which it says allows for more efficient dispensing of heat compared to its predecessors that use centered heatpipes.

This cooler measures 123mm (W) x 155mm (H) x 89mm (D) and weighs 705g. It comes with a backplate to avoid putting too much stress on the motherboard. Socket compatibility is limited to sTR4 and AM4 for AMD, and 2066 and 2011-v3 for Intel.

Arctic will sell the cooler soon in both red and white accent versions priced at $48. It is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Paul Lilly

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