Apex Legends will soon let you solo queue, but don't expect a fair fight

We've all been there. You've just dropped into a match of Apex Legends, only to find one of your squadmates has sprinted off on their lonesome, ready to solo every other team on the battlefield—leaving the other two at a disadvantage. Fortunately, Apex will soon let these lone wolves queue up without hindering a team, but be warned—this isn't exactly a proper solos mode.

Chaos Theory, the game's next Collection Event, is adding a "No Fill" toggle, letting Apex know that you don't want your squad filled out with strangers. So yeah, play solo if you want. Just know that you'll still be pitting yourself against two- or three-person teams. Hey, maybe you're just that good.

Respawn has toyed with temporary solo modes in the past, but isn't too keen on making in a permanent option. No-fill, then, is an attempt to compromise with the hotshots out there who want to test their luck while still retaining the game's team spirit.

"We still strongly believe that, at its best, Apex Legends is a game about teamplay. But we’re launching this No-Fill matchmaking as an option for solo players because we think it gives a lot of creative opportunities for you to play the game your way."

Apex heat shield

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

No-fill will be a permanent addition to the game, but Chaos Theory's other improvements are also quite spicy. A new takeover mode, Ring Fury, supplements the usual closing circle with with new "Ring Flares", regions of ring damage that will slowly grow over the course of a match. Expect these to only grow more intense as the event goes on—Respawn is using this mode to introduce new "escalation takeovers", which means these flares are only going to get hotter as the days go on.

To help cool things down, Apex is also adding new Heat Shields. Deployed like Gibraltar's dome shield, these bubbles will protect you from ring damage temporarily, while also increasing healing and revive speeds while deployed in the ring. These will take up space in a new Survival slot in your inventory, letting you snatch up Heat Shields or Respawn Beacons without filling valuable backpack space.

Caustic has also taken over a part of King's Canyon in the latest Town Takeover, replacing Water Treatment with Caustic Treatment—an evil lair full of toxic science goo that offers great loot for those willing to brave its fumes. Finally, the Collection Event comes with a slew of new cosmetics to collect, including a new Bangalore Heirloom knife.

Chaos Theory begins next Tuesday, March 9 and runs until March 23.

Natalie Clayton
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