Apex Legends developer Respawn is working on a new project

Apex Legends
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According to a now-deleted job posting, Respawn Entertainment is currently working on a new project. The link to the job listing takes you to a blank page with an error message, but the URL can confirm the EA-owned studio was seeking a 'generalist software engineer' for its 'new IP incubation team'. According to VG24/7, there wasn't much more said about the project, except a mention of 'new, practice technologies to enable 'adventuring forever.'' 

The new project will follow the success of the 2019 Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order, which smashed EA's initial sales targets. Respawn has also struck gold with Apex Legends, which is currently in its seventh season.

Fans have been hoping for a sequel to Respawn's other project, Titanfall. But back in May of 2020, the studio stated that they weren't currently working on one, despite EA's earlier comments that a new entry was in the works. It seems if the project was happening, it's been temporarily pushed to the side in favour of Apex Legends.

Whether Respawn's new project will be a single-player experience or something more akin to Apex is yet to be determined. There's a chance we'll hear more later in the year at EA Play, usually scheduled around June—only time will tell.

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