Apex Legends' DDoS issues are being fixed 'as we speak'

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Respawn says it's taking "huge steps" towards a solution for the DDoS issues that have been persisting in Apex Legends for the last few months, being "just as frustrated" as the players over the situation.

Numerous reports across Reddit and Twitter have been made by players who claim that people are making use of DDoS attacks to give themselves an unfair advantage, boosting themselves up ranked leaderboards while victims of the attacks are being booted from games and often losing RP as a result.

Communications director Ryan Rigney said in a Reddit AMA last month that the studio was exploring several avenues for addressing the concerns, like closing loopholes that were enabling the attacks and improving tools to help identify the players initiating them. Rigney also said Respawn was "investigating more serious consequences beyond bans," going on to say legal action was being considered in certain cases.

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It seems as though some progress is being made, with Respawn security analyst Conor Ford tweeting "the DDoS situation is being addressed as we speak" by lead software engineer Samy Duc. "It isn't the easiest fix in the world but huge steps are being made to take care of this. 31 abusers were shadow banned today in the meantime. We are just as frustrated as the players."

Apex has been dealing with its fair share of naughty players—the end of 2020 saw 419 top-ranked players get the banhammer for exploiting a glitch that allowed them to beat up Bronze players for easy RP. To add insult to injury, Respawn's other games have been suffering from DDoS attacks, too. Both Titanfall games fell victim to it a few weeks ago, after having already dealt with attacks in the past.

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