Apex Legends can be pre-loaded on Steam ahead of today's launch

Apex Legends Season 7
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA)

Season 7 of Apex Legends arrives today—and with it, Respawn's battle royale also makes its long-awaited Steam debut. The game won't go live until much later tonight, but you can now pre-load Apex Legends on Valve's platform to make sure you're ready to drop as soon as the clock strikes 8pm PT / 4am GMT.

Sorry, Brits. Unless you're willing to pull an all-nighter, you probably won't be landing on Olympus 'til tomorrow.

Apex Legends will support full crossplay when it hits Steam, and should allow cross-progression between Steam, Origin, and whatever console account you may have kicking about. Logging in on Steam during Season 7 will also net you some very cute Half-Life and Portal themed charms to dangle from your guns.

There's more to Season 7 than keychains, though. Today's update brings in some sizeable new stuff for Respawn's battle royale. King's Canyon is out (temporarily vaulted), and Olympus is in, a new skyborne map that boasts gorgeous vistas, wide-open arenas and a new car you can slam turrets on top of.

Scottish time-travelling science mum Horizon also makes her debut today. The new legend boasts abilities that let her pin down enemy teams, using her passive and active tools to fall softer and soar higher in engagements. Finally, Season 7 sees the introduction of social "clubs", a new battle pass of cosmetics to unlock, and the rollover of a new ranked season.

Here are the full patch notes for the new season. Apex Legends can be pre-loaded over on Steam, with the download coming in at roughly 53GB.

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