APB: Reloaded to get new district and game modes


GamersFirst have released details on the changes they're planning on making to APB when they re-release it as a free-to-play title later this year. Plans include the addition of a new district and a couple of new game modes.

The latest information was posted on the APB blog , and mentions a whole new district called "the Asylum expansion" which the development team are currently "working on to turn into an awesome map, and which will drastically alter how players can engage each other, and potentially alter the whole idea of missions, while leaving in place some of the ideas behind the original gameplay."

As well as the new area, two more game modes are to be added, "one of the key changes for a future release is the expansion of game modes (especially the addition of “Chaos” and the creation of the completely new mode called “Turf Wars').

"These future changes will truly change the game play of APB and will make the game much more sustainable (imagine defending areas in the Asylum in a team vs team or even Clan vs Clan setup)."

GamersFirst are also making ongoing changes to the closed beta, including changes to the starting car "The biggest change is the removal of the “Han Cellente,” ie. the starting vehicle. We thought it looked pretty awful and handled terribly, leading many to concludes that cars sucked in general (when in fact, they had just been given a really badly behaved one to start with)." Weapon upgrades and progression is also being changed. Players will now be able to unlock weapons by improving in certain roles "shotguns and SMGs are all unlocked through the Pointman role, along with upgrades such as Magazine Pull and Reflex Sight), while higher level equipment is unlocked through performing the activity that relates to it (for example Performing Arsons unlocks better Petrol Cans)."

GamersFirst are also planning changes to the mission system, to make levelling up more satisfying. For more information on APB: Reloaded, check out the official APB: Reloaded blog . Read our review of the original APB here .

Tom Senior

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