APB Reloaded closed beta is about to launch

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Invitations encouraging gamers to sign up for the closed beta of APB Reloaded have been sent out, signalling that the event is due to start soon. Read on for the details.

The invites have been sent out to people who took part in the testing of APB the first time, with messages headed "You're invited to sign up for the APB: Reloaded Closed Beta. You are receiving this email because you previously created an APB account."

The invite declares that: "You're one of the first to be invited to sign up for the Closed Beta launch of APB: Reloaded! Sign up today for your chance to be a Closed Beta tester. Remember, if you don't sign up, you won't have the chance to be one of the first to take back the mean streets of San Paro. When you sign up, we'll make sure you receive the latest APB news, including information about restoring your old character."

The email does not state when the exact date of the beta launch is, but recent news suggests it's due sometime next month.