APB designer: expansions might have zombies

APB lead designer EJ Moreland has dropped the zomb-bomb – Realtime Worlds have considered a massively-multiplayer zombie game based on the technology of APB. Speaking to PC Gamer, “APB,” says EJ, is a “giant construction kit. We know we can do this cool urban combat, but what else can we do with it?”

Going forward, he said, the team have multiple ideas including “much more capture/conquest districts, maybe a district where you're entirely on-foot, smaller groups. Maybe we make a district where there's only 50 people in it, but for those people, the game has higher fidelity physics. It's even about re-examining the game-types that we put in. Maybe we want to do a zombie thing, where we have AI controlled opponents, whether they're zombies, or AI gang members.”

His ideas don't just extend to games about guns, too. “Could we make a racing game, but have it use all the pieces we've made for APB? Have it use the same vehicles, but let you earn new custom content that you can bring back and use in the orignal APB?”

APB releases on the 2nd July. If you'd like to try the game early, PC Gamer is offering Keys to the City to all who sign up to our forum. You just have to click on the yellow button. Do it, or we'll eat you.