Anyway, here's Megalovania in the silly trombone game

Video game trombone champ
(Image credit: Holy Wow)

Odd, funny, and charming rhythm game Trombone Champ (opens in new tab) has gotten a lot of attention this week, spiraling into the viral stratosphere of the Steam charts as the latest example of how an indie can get real big, real fast on the platform. Its even made its way into that top 100 games by revenue chart Steam introduced earlier this week (opens in new tab), sitting popular stuff like Madden 23 and PlateUp.

So, naturally, it is inevitable that someone immediately put Megalovania in it.

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Megalovania is perhaps the most famous, most memed piece of music from 2015 game Undertale, which everyone loves. Trombone champ is the just-released indie rhythm game form Holy Wow, and is definitely one of those games that the developer was not prepared for to be as big as it is.

The custom chart for the song was made by NyxTheShield, a game composer, developer, and modder and posted on Twitter. (opens in new tab) "I am sorry," they said. What's weird and bonkers is that the developer thinks this is probably the first custom chart for Trombone Champ... and that it's probably been made faster than the dev is making tracks. "If you made this this quickly, it's possible you've created a level editor that's faster than what we've been using to actually build the game," said HolyWowStudios on Twitter. (opens in new tab)

Our Chris Livingston called Trombone Champ an instant game of the year contender when he emerged from the wilds of Steam earlier this week (opens in new tab), chased by crazed baboons. It inspired such a fervor in him that he immediately interviewed the creator of Trombone Champ (opens in new tab) in search of more nuggets of precious trombone insight.

Nuggets of insight like, for example, that the creator prefers Goku over Vegeta.

Megalovania, meanwhile, is perhaps one of the most meme'd upon songs in gaming's vast musical oeuvre. Since its appearance as Sans' theme in the 2015 game Undertale (opens in new tab), Megalovania has made its way into players' hearts via games like Overwatch (opens in new tab), Warframe (opens in new tab), and Genshin Impact. (opens in new tab) Earlier this year some circus performers played Megalovania for the Catholic Pope (opens in new tab), and no that is not a sentence I ever expected to type.

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